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Ingrid Feinauer is a Real Estate Agent/Licensee at LJ Hooker Rockingham. She has 22 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, joining the LJ Hooker Group in 2002 and since then her experience and qualifications include a Diploma of Property (2009), Diploma of Management(2015), Diploma of Business (2015), Certificate 3 in Business (2004), MYOB (2005), Captains club membership (2011-2014).

With a career spanning team leadership, business management, accounting, recruiting, property management and sales, her passion is being innovative in business and assisting the team in their craft. She believes both Sales and Property Management are specialised fields, which should be filled with systemisation and procedures to maintain the cashflow and asset of every Real Estate business.

Real Estate businesses cannot achieve greatness without an amazing team, which goes hand in hand with training, systemisation, innovation, team emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

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Dear Casey and Veda, Please pass my congratulations on to Ingrid for another excellent achievement for 2017. Not just for herself but for the overall manner in which she operates her business with care for her staff.

Gloria and Clif Parry

My husband and I recently moved the management of our investment property to LJ Hooker Rockingham and cannot express how easy and seamless the process was made for us. Having come from a real estate that caused more problems than they fixed , LJ Hooker were able to advise on contractual questions as well as advise us on how to best move to their agency. LJ Hooker needed to transition our property much faster than the standard 28 days and they ensured that this was completed quickly and efficiently, while keeping us in the loop of what was happening. The notification to our tenant went smoothly which helped with our concern of ensuring our tenant was minimally impacted. Being from Sydney and having our investment in Perth can be cause for concern with the property management as we cannot inspect the property as often as we would like to but I can say that due to the recent actions and communications of LJ Hooker Rockingham, these concerns has been dissipated and we would not have an issue with recommending their services.


Thank you to Ingrid, Ashleigh, Kimberley and the team at LJHooker in Rockingham for your excellent service and professionalism. We know our rental property is in good hands. We are so impressed with their communication, efficiency and proactiveness in managing a difficult tenant situation. We felt reassured and supported throughout the process and recommend them to other rental investors.

Cyrus & Chiara

Re Ashleigh Lenz - Excellent communications skills that are always timely and relevant. Never over-communicates nor communicates too little. Always ready to assist, especially given time differences between East/West Coast. Has provided solid honest advice throughout. Importantly, good to see a property manager who is on the side of the property owner rather than the tenant.

Mr Gills

I have been working for Ingrid & Paul at LJ Hooker Rockingham for the last six months, it has been a pleasure working for knowledgeable directors. With Ingrid having been in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years, I have been lucky enough to have gained a lot of knowledge In such a short time from her experiences and success. Part of what makes Ingrid a wonderful boss is her approachable demeanour big smile and good sense of humour. Paul has a very professional and cheerful demeanour. Paul has helped me on several difficult occasions in the past, with his calm and professional approach. I believe it isn’t easy finding a great hard working team whom all get along well, however Ingrid and Paul have done a fantastic job! Both Paul and Ingrid make the office a happy place and I am honoured to be working alongside such wonderful directors and their hard working team

Ash Whitehurst- Property Investment Manager

I have been a successful Property Manager at LJ Hooker Rockingham for two years now whilst working for Ingrid and Paul. I have been fortunate enough to have received such a vast range in training and understanding of the Property Management Industry. Ingrid has had over 20 years’ experience and knowledge within Real-Estate and one of the best things I have found is that Ingrid, being my employer and leader is an experienced Property Manager herself and is very understanding of the roles and is able to relate to any experiences we may have. Ingrid is very approachable, warm hearted and is easy to talk to on a business level but also on a personal level. It has been a pleasure to work alongside Ingrid, Paul and the LJ Hooker Team! I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute being in such a positive office. I would like to thank Ingrid for the wonderful opportunity she has given me to work alongside her and how proud I am to work for LJ Hooker Rockingham and can’t wait to see what the future brings! Paul is head of the Sales Team, however I have had the pleasure of working alongside Paul from time to time. Paul and his calm and happy personality has helped me resolve a lot of situations I have come across in a professional manor. I have enjoyed working with Paul for the last 2 years and look forward to the rewarding success in the future.

Abbie Temby- Property Investment Manager

There are so many things I could say in regards to Ingrid Feinauer and it is hard to put all of these thoughts into words and express them with clarity. I will try and keep it as short as possible… Firstly, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, she is a hub of experience and has a wealth of knowledge. Working in Property Management and sales, Ingrid has a great understanding of the expectations and what is required in all aspects of our business. The thing I love the most about Ingrid, is her insight and awareness that everyone has room to grow. We are all human beings on this earth sharing our experiences and that not one person is better than another. It is about what we can all bring together, to share with one another and to help each other grow along each person’s own journey. Not one person is the same, which means not everyone’s journey is the same. I believe this is a great quality for Ingrid and why she is so good at finding the right people for the roles within our office and culture. Ingrid is a very giving person. She always is thinking of things that we can do as a team that helps keep a strong connection and bond with one another, not only in property management, but in sales and administration. I have been provided with so many different opportunities since working for the company. Qualifying for awards for the LJ Hooker Summit in Sydney in 2014 and Melbourne 2015, Ingrid and Paul have flown me to each event with flights and accommodation included! It is a great thing to be awarded for the hard work that you do and I know most bosses would not even consider this! The experiences I have had are phenomenal! Over the last four years I have been working for LJ Hooker Rockingham, I have grown an immense amount of respect and admiration for Ingrid Feinauer. She is not only a boss, a great mentor but also a friend. I hold Ingrid with the highest morals and esteem. Personally having my mother move across the country and the bass strait 3 and a half years ago soon after I started with the company, Ingrid has been a huge support to me and much the motherly figure. I really know that she is someone I can depend on. The growth and development I have achieved since working here has been astounding, and it really is a credit to Ingrid as without her I would not be where I am today or the person I am today. I am not only speaking of my professional development, but also my personal growth. It is so nice to have a boss that is personable as well as professional, you really can go to her with anything. From when I began with the company as a 19 year old maturing adult I had a lack of belief in what I could achieve, not because I couldn’t, but because no one had believed in me before. To have someone tell me that I could achieve anything and be great at it, it literally opened up a whole new world to me. Since starting, I have had experience in three different roles within this office and am still looking at advancing my career with my ‘hairy audacious goals’. I couldn’t imagine being with another office or company. I have never enjoyed working somewhere so much. To have the past four years fly by, I can truly see myself being here for 10+ years. I believe you have to have your heart and soul in a business and I believe everyone in this office shares the same vision. All team members want to see this office succeed and become a leading office within our marketplace, we want to achieve this not only for ourselves but also to help see Ingrid and Pauls vision become a reality. Without the love and admiration we all share for this office and most importantly our directors, we wouldn’t have the team culture that we have today. The office is a positive space for all parties to share their experience and help each other grow within the real estate industry and personally. We really are a large family. Ingrid goes above and beyond for her clients, and for us. Her support and encouragement to become the best we can be is amazing! She is one of the greatest people I have had the pleasure in knowing, a strong, dependant and savvy woman that I will forever admire and look up to. ‘

Nico Dowding - Leasing Consultant

After working for Ingrid since January 2014, I have found that she isn’t an everyday, ordinary boss. You feel extremely comfortable and confident to be able to speak to her about everything and anything whether it’s personal or something to do with work. Ingrid is not only an exceptional employer but she is also such a positive role model, mother figure and close friend, whether she is sharing her life experiences with us, personally mentoring us, providing us with many helpful ways to overcome obstacles and even sharing her amazing cooking recipes! I have never enjoyed working somewhere so much. Working at LJ Hooker doesn’t feel like you are at work, you never need to look at the clock and wait for the time to pass, sometimes you wish you had more time as you thoroughly care about the service you are delivering. Working for Ingrid is enjoyable, you are in a happy, positive environment where you are constantly encouraged to develop and further your skills in the Real Estate Industry. Over the last 22 years, Ingrid has worked in all areas in the Real Estate Industry. Having the experience as working as a Property manager for several years, Ingrid has a great understanding of the expectations of a Property Manager and the support that is required. Ingrid truly goes above and beyond for her clients which is really inspirational and encourages us to want to do the same and be the very best we can be! Over delivering and being pro-active is something we really focus on here at LJ Hooker and it is such an amazing team to work with.

Dannii Fissioli- Property Investment Manager

I have been with the LJ Hooker group for over 10 years and have worked alongside Ingrid for the majority of this time. Ingrid’s enthusiasm and passion for the industry is not only inspiring but contagious. Having been a property manager and a sale representative Ingrid understands the demands of the role and continually implements policies and procedures to improve not only the service standard to our clients but also the work environment for her employees. The support base provided to the staff within the office has a positive effect on not only the team environment but also the stability of our staff which is a contributing factor to our continued high level of service to our clients. Ingrid is a natural leader and nurturer and always has the time to support the staff in all aspects of life. Ingrid is a firm believer that family comes first, which is so comforting as an employee you don’t feel the pressure of having to put work before your children. I consider Ingrid not only my employer but my mentor and confidant. The environment that Ingrid and Paul create within our team is more like a family than a workplace and that’s what makes it a pleasure to come to work every day.

Clare Dickson- Business Development Manager

For the past 12 months we have been tenants at a property managed by LJ Hooker. Throughout this time, it has been delightful dealing with LJ Hooker: they have always been efficient, helpful and, above all, extremely professional. [We had found a house that we liked and our application had been selected and accepted. However, in the last minute, and when we had already handed notice in our former house, the owner changed his mind and decided to rent it out to a friend]. L.J. Hooker went the ‘extra mile’ at the time when we were house-hunting, and were extremely supportive and helpful, until we found a house that suited the needs of our family. Setting up the contract and doing all the paperwork was unusually easy-going. Once the contract was in place, dealing with them has been a delight: repairs, when reported, have been conducted promptly and diligently; all administrative matters have been quickly resolved; and they have always been punctual and extremely correct for any property-check appointments. We thoroughly recommend LJ Hooker to any prospective tenants. They can rest assured that they will be treated fairly and professionally. Mr and Mrs de Vicente

Mr & Mrs de Vicente

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  • Annual WA - Franchise Owner Of The Year - Aug 2017