Clare Dickson

Business Development Manager

Clare has been a loyal and proactive member of the LJ Hooker team for over 10 years and has been in the industry for 14 years and is consistently in tune with the forefront of property management. This has provided her with invaluable knowledge of the Rockingham/Baldivis area, in which she excels as a Business Development Manager, through her dedication, work ethic, love of property and understanding of your specific needs. She endeavours to exert expertise, energy and enthusiasm in all her dealings and gives a commitment that every care and professional courtesy will always be extended to her clients. Clare works with new and existing clients in providing them valuable information on current market conditions and trends, industry knowledge and legislative requirements.

Clare can offer information on ways you can save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each and every year. It is simple to get set up and will help you to maximize

your investment cash flow for years to come.

Clare also assists both experienced and first time investors on delivering pre purchase market and property advice so your investment purchase is the right one for you.

What our customers say

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"I am pleased to recommend Clare Dickson as an excellent marketing agent. Our process started with unsolicited marketing letters whilst with another agent. Once I made contact Clare was energetic, helpful, always did what she said and always seemed to have my interests as well as LJ Hooker and prospective tenants clearly in mind. The level of communication, responsiveness and success compared to my previous agent is significant and I am very happy. Chalk and cheese."

Mr Currell

"Clare Dickson was very friendly happy and full of information about Our rental property and how to get it rented out quickly I would tell all my family and friends Clare and her office is the people to use for your rental property Thankyou Clare "

Mr Taylor

Clare regularly sent communications to us about leasing the property. Our property was vacant for a while so we were looking for a better marketing approach. Clare provided information quickly but allowed us time to consider our options but also provided timely follow up. Her follow up is exceptional. I would have no hesitation in mentioned Clare Dickson to family and friends who are looking to rent their property in this area."

Baldivis- Owner

"Clare followed through on what she said she'd do. We were not ready to rent our property for several months after the initial meeting with Clare; however Clare persistently communicated with us until we were ready to rent our property which resulted in us choosing L J Hooker as our agent of choice. Well done Clare."

Mr Walpole

"I feel that I was lucky to be approached by Clare at a time I was feeling dissatisfied with my previous property managers attitude and performance. Clare and LJ Hooker provided me with everything I was looking for and present as a coordinated team from the Principal down."

Mr Chalson

"Very professional thanks Claire, well done."

Mr & Mrs Low

"Clare was very helpful and assisted in every way possible. Thanks Clare "

Mr Mueck & Ms Katte

Clare was extremely professional and more than proficient in taking us through every step in the process of leasing our property. Her wealth of knowledge and level of understanding in her position made handing our keys over an exciting experience rather than an overwhelming and scary process.

Janette Cook, Rockingham

LJ Hooker Baldivis/Rockingham were amazing, Clare responded quickly and pointed out all the positives of my home and was able to explain the process so even I could understand it. My property was listed and tenanted within a week! Whether I had a question or a problem LJ Hooker happily responded or offered solutions and advice within a day and I had no fear at all. Couldn't have been any easier than that.

Vernon Sampson

Clare I was very impressed with our meeting yesterday and the thoroughness and professionalism you displayed gives me a sense of comfort that our property will be in safe hands. I haven’t had this feeling for a long time now and believe me, its most welcome! Best regards

Mike S

My Awards

  • Annual WA - Top Business Development Property Investment Manager - Aug 2016